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The ultimate goal of the Vth IWMC is to establish “international models of wildlife biology and management: beyond cultural differences.” The Congress will seek to enhance global sustainability and the conservation of wildlife, as well as recommend improved international models based on the latest interdisciplinary wildlife research.

For the Vth IWMC, however, phone-book-sized proceedings for the participants will not be published. This first-ever Asian-based Congress will bring together leading wildlifers from around the world in plenaries, symposia, and contributed oral and poster presentations. Based on this latest wildlife research, this IWMC will collaborate with a variety of scientific communities and prepare special editions of research papers for a number of journals. The Organizing Committee is in contact with various academic societies and the editorial offices of their journals. All wildlife professionals are encouraged to join the Vth IWMC and to publish their scientific studies through this exciting congress.

For more information on the Congress, please contact Tsuyoshi Yoshida (, IWMC Secretary-General, Rakuno Gakuen University, Hokkaido, Japan.


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