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Total Sponsors and the Sponsored Sessions

The Organizing Committee is grateful to those who support the Vth IWMC in various ways. The following companies and organizations are particularly acknowledged as Total Sponsors.

Many Total Sponsors support a symposium or round-table of their interest while part of their sponsorship goes directly to the Organizing Committee to help run the while IWMC. The following list shows Total Sponsors and the link to the session that each supports (as of March 27, 2015).

Docon Co., Ltd.
Symposium .60. Conservation and management of endangered birds (Blakiston's fish-owl, Red-crowned Cranes, White-tailed sea eagle) in Hokkaido.

Green Cop

Hokkaido Development Engineering Center
Symposium. 43. Wildlife and traffic: Infra-eco network and road safety.

Hokku Foundation (North Pacific Bank, Ltd.)
Round Table. 40. Passionate youth: Be a wildlife profession! Messages from wildlifers in the world.

Japan Wildlife Research Center

Kitaharadenboku Co., Ltd. / Surge Miyawaki Co., Ltd. / Farm Age Co., Ltd.
Round Table. 36. Recommendation from the private enterprises – Ecological and economical feasibility study of fencing techniques in ungulate management.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Round Table. 21. Toward sustainable management of deer and forest: Two contrasting models of Akaya Project and Shimukappumura hunting models.

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Symposium. 19. What's a role of ex situ conservation by zoos and aquariums? - They can connect people and nature.

Wildlife Management Office, Inc.
Symposium. 51. Making effective use of data from captured bears to improve bear management.

List of Exhibitors in the Congress Venue

The following companies and organizations support the Vth IWMC in various ways and will exhibit their services and products in wildlife management and beyond, in the Congress Venue.
* alphabetical order, as of April 29, 2015

Advanced Telemetry Systems
Aleph Inc.
Borneo Conservation Trust Japan
Circuit Design, Inc.
Cubic-I Ltd.
Docon Co., Ltd.
Esri Japan Corporation.
Farmage Co., Ltd.
Followit AB
Hokkaido Development Engineering Center
Hyke Inc.
Issei Co., Ltd
Japan Forest Technology Association
Japan Wildlife Research Center
Lotek Wireless Inc.
Marif Co., Ltd.
Mathematical Assist Design Laboratory
Ministry of the Environment
North Pacific Bank, Ltd.
Rakuno Gakuen University
Regional Environmental Planning, Inc.
Sansei Co., Ltd.
Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Shimukappu Village Hokkaido
Surge Miyawaki Co., Ltd.
The Mammal Society of Japan
The Wildlife Society
VECTRONIC Aerospace GmbH
Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.
Wildlife Foundation of the Hokkaido Shimbun Press
Wildlife Management Office Inc.

Sponsor and Contributor Information

There are two distinct ways to support the Vth IWMC. For each category, detailed information (leaflet) and an application form can be downloaded from the link below.

Contributors are typically businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to provide financial support for the entire conference with no expectation of tangible return on investment. Contributors will receive recognition for their support by tier in a variety of communications channels.

Leaflet in Japanese (iwmc2015_bokin_b.pdf)
Application Form in Japanese (iwmc2015_bokin_a.pdf)

* This option is available to those residing or holding a registered address in Japan because the payment procedure involves tax exemption feasible within Japan.

Sponsors are typically businesses and organizations who desire tangible value and return on investment through engagement opportunities, brand recognition and visibility, marketing and advertising through multiple communications channels, exhibit space and/or registrations.

Leaflet in Japanese (iwmc2015_kyosan_b.pdf)
Application Form in Japanese (iwmc2015_kyosan_a.pdf)

If you are supporting the Congress from outside Japan and do not have an agent in Japan, here are a leaflet summarizing the sponsorship options and an application form:

Leaflet in English (iwmc2015_sponsor_E.pdf)
Application Form in English (iwmc2015_sponsor_aE.pdf)

Please contact Tsuyoshi Yoshida (Secretary-General) at iwmc@rakuno.ac.jp for any question or further details.


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