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Accompanying Persons

Bring your partners/spouses to Sapporo, register them as accompanying persons and let them enjoy Sapporo and Japanese culture!

Register with the main participants at
A registered accompanying person will be issued with a nametag which is an entry pass to the Congress Venue. The registration fee (JPY 10,000-) also covers

Advance booking is required for Day Excursion and Japanese Culture Experience Program. An instruction for the application for a program will be sent in late May 2015, and the accompanying persons will be asked to enter for a program of their choice.

1. Welcome reception, July 26 2015, in the Congress Venue

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (free to the registered participants)

2. Day Excursions, July 27-29 2015, around Sapporo city

Choose and participate in up to two of the three available excursions. Transportation is included in the registration fee (lunch is not included in the Sapporo Art Park visit on July 27).
There’s a limited number of spots so make sure you register as soon as you’ve decided!

Monday July 27: Sapporo Art Park  Capacity, 35 people 
Located in green suburban Sapporo, Sapporo Art Museum, with its many facilities lets you appreciate the fine arts surrounded by nature.

9:30 Departure from Sapporo Convention Center by bus.
10:30 Visit to the Sapporo Art Park, Sculpture Garden
12:00 Lunch (Not included in the registration fee)
13:00 Sapporo Art Park, Activities
15:00 Departure from Sapporo Art Park
16:00 Arrival at Sapporo Convention Center

Tuesday July 28 (afternoon): Historical Village of Hokkaido&Hokkaido Museum
 Capacity, 35 people 
An outdoor museum comprised of various architectures from the frontier period of Hokkaido let you experience the Hokkaido of 100 years ago. Hokkaido Museum is a museum introducing the nature, history and culture of Hokkaido. The museum showcases the relationship between the natural environment and people, the culture of the Ainu people and their way of living, and the lives of immigrants from Honshu.

13:00 Departure from Sapporo Convention Center by bus.
13:45‐15:15 Visit to “Historical Village of Hokkaido”
15:15‐15:30 Departure to Hokkaido Museum
15:30‐17:00 Visit to the Hokkaido Museum
17:00 Departure from Hokkaido Museum
18:00 Arrival at Sapporo Convention Center

Wednesday July 29 (afternoon): Hokkaido Shrine and a local sake brewery 
 Capacity, 20 people 
Visit Hokkaido Shrine, the largest Shinto shrine in Hokkaido, and then a local sake (rice wine) brewery in Downtown Sapporo

13:00 Departure from Sapporo Convention Center by subway.
14:00‐15:00 Visit to Chitose-Tsuru Brewery Museum
15:00‐16:00 Departure to Hokkaido Shrine
16:00‐17:00 Visit to Hokkaido Shrine
17:00 Departure to the banquet or Sapporo Convention Center

3. Japanese Culture Experience Programs, July 28-30 2015,
in the Congress Venue

Choose and participate in up to two of the following three activities: Ikebana, Kimono Wearing or Sado. A session typically takes 1-1.5 hours and is designed for 10 -15 participants. (The photos are images only and may be different from the actual session for the Vth IWMC.)
There’s a limited number of spots so make sure you register as soon as you’ve decided!

Tuesday July 28 (morning): Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement)
 Capacity, 40 people 
Ikebana places emphasis on the balance of the floral designs with respect to the vessel and the entire surrounding space, rather than just on the arrangement of the flowers.

Wednesday July 29 (morning): Kimono Wearing  Capacity, 20 people 
The traditional Japanese clothing, kimono has a colorful history behind it. This activity gives you the opportunity to wear a kimono as well as learn about the history and culture behind its origin.

Thursday July 30 (morning): Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony)  Capacity, 30 people 
Learn the history behind Sado, the way of tea, and take part in the ceremony of making and drinking of Matcha tea.

Additionally, sessions to experience shodo (calligraphy) and origami (paper folding) will be offered on a drop-in basis. (No advance booking is necessary; however, there will be a limit to the number of participants in a session.)

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)
Learn the techniques of shodo, an art form of calligraphy, which is about the balance of the characters, graduations of ink, and subtle differences in brush strokes.
28th am 10:00 and 11:00 at the Room 104.

Learn about the magic behind the Japanese art of paper folding.
Come by and fold your favorite animal.
29th am 10:00 and 11:00 at the Room 104.


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